Bill Number: SB 297
Bill Description: Relating to health education curriculum and instruction in public schools
Author: Watson (D-Austin)
Stance: Support
Related Bills: None
Committee: Education

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This bill proposes to amend the laws governing how sex education is taught in Texas. The sole change made by this bill would be to require that sex education materials used in Texas must be evidence-based. No other changes would be made, including the current lack of a requirement for sex education to be taught.


While this bill does not make many changes to current requirements for how sex education is taught in Texas, it makes a most important one: that what is taught must be evidence-based. Secular Texas applauds the idea that we stop lying to our youth about sex and human sexuality, but wonders what good it will do if the manner in which it is taught is not proven to be effective in reducing the negative consequences of teen sex. Please take a look at our articles and research on Sex Education in Texas.

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