Bill Number: SB 88
Bill Description: Relating to health education curriculum and instruction in public schools
Author: Ellis (D-Houston)
Stance: Support
Related Bills: None
Committee: Education

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This bill proposes to amend the laws governing how sex education is taught in Texas, moving from an abstinence-until-marriage curriculum to an abstinence-plus curriculum.

Specifically, the bill:

  • Changes the requirement to devote "more attention to abstinence" to "sufficient attention..."
  • Changes wording that implies that sex causes emotional trauma to state that contracting an STI can cause emotional trauma
  • Removes all references to "until marriage", "before marriage", basically reshaping the requirements from an abstinence-until-marriage focus to an "abstinence-while-young" focus.
  • Adds a requirement for age-appropriate information
  • Adds a requirement for evidence-based methodology
  • Adds a requirement to teach about contraception for preventing STIs and unintended pregnancy
  • Adds a requirement to teach about effective communication with parents about "values and healthy relationships"
  • Adds a requirement to teach life skills such as decision making
  • Adds a requirement that curriculum cannot promote bias based on race, gender, sexual orientation, sexual activity, disability
  • Removes requirement to teach about contraception "in terms of human use reality rates" 


Secular Texas strongly supports this bill. Sex Education Reform is the main focus of Secular Texas during the 84th Legislative Session. Please take a look at our articles and research on Sex Education in Texas.

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