Secular Texas is dedicated to researching topics of concern to the secular community in Texas, as related to our state and local governments, specifically concentrated on topics currently being discussed and debated. We provide to you our raw research, broken down into the categories you see on the left. This research is the basis for our analysis and position papers. If you do not want to wade through a bunch of individual research items we suggest you visit those articles.

In our research, Secular Texas attempts to look at several different concerns for each topic, including: scientific and evidence-based research; original research used by legislators, including analysis; history of the topic in Texas and around the nation.

The research team at Secular Texas is dedicated to finding all relevant information on each topic, setting aside our own individual biases and attempting to arrive at evidence-based conclusions, based on sound reasoning. We provide this resource as a service to the legislators, bureaucrats and citizens of Texas.

As you can probably imagine, the research we attempt is not a small job. If you would like to submit an item of research, please visit our contacts page to email it to us for consideration and posting. If you are interested in helping Secular Texas with our goal of providing accurate and relevant research on the topics of concern in the secular community, please visit the Membership page to find out more information on becoming a member and volunteering.

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