Bill Number: HB 582
Bill Description: Relating to a prohibition against certain forms of employment discrimination by state contractors; providing an administrative penalty.
Author: Turner (D-Grand Prairie)
Stance: Support
Related Bills: Supercedes HB 412
Committee: State Affairs

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Companies that contract or subcontract with the State of Texas will not be allowed to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity (or perceived orientation or identity). Levies a $100 per day fee per person discriminated against. The contracting agency will develop the procedures for handling these complaints and subtract these fees from payments due to the the contractor/subcontractor.


As the US Secretary of Labor, Thomas Perez, opined, “No one should live in fear of being fired or passed over or discriminated against at work simply because of who they are or who they love.”

Claims by potential opponents to this bill that people who are homosexual or transgendered are immoral or unnatural and therefore able to be discriminated against are solely based in religious dogma. Secular Texas advocates a rational, scientific approach to policy and by this criteria, not granting equal protection under the law to LGBTQ individuals is analogous to discriminating based on skin color or any other characteristic not related to job performance.

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