Sex Education Reform

The current state of sex education in Texas public schools is the equivalent of shoving our collective fingers in our ears and screaming “La-la-la-la-la” while our youth are forced to learn about sex left to their own devices. Almost all sex education taught in Texas public schools is limited only to abstinence-until-marriage, which means that no other sexual health concerns or contraception use is taught, except to tell students "just don't do it". Texas consistently ranks in the top 10 states for teen sexual activity, the top 5 states for highest teen pregnancy rate and among the bottom 5 states for condom use during sex. In short, despite all these efforts, Texas has some of the most dangerous sexual behavior among teens in the nation.

A study of Texas abstinence programs commissioned by the Texas Department of State Health Services in 2004 found “the number of adolescents who had had sexual intercourse did not change or increased after they had received abstinence only sex education.” Looking at the numbers, it is a dramatic increase; 20% increase among girls and 62% increase among boys. Having the opposite affect as intended.

Despite the failures of abstinence-until-marriage sex education in Texas, and despite the majority of parents supporting sex education reform, Texas law makers still insist “Abstinence works.” Maybe they have a more liberal definition success than do most Texans.

2015 marks 20 years since Texas has required an abstinence-until-marriage approach to sex education in our public schools, teaching our teens to just say no to sex. For these 20 years Texas has consistently ranked among the worst in the nation for dangerous teen sexual behavior. The efforts of abstinence-until-marriage sex education simply do not bear fruit.

An in-depth look at the the facts of sex education in Texas, the efficacy of abstinence-until-marriage sex education, sexual behavior and teen pregnancy in Texas and public opinion in Texas about sex education.

Want to hit just the high points in reading about the need for sex education reform in Texas? Need a quick guide for talking to a friend, family member or legislator? This is the best place to start.

You can make a difference, advocating for sex education reform without leaving town. Local action is the most powerful way to make a direct impact for sex education reform.

Twenty-five years ago, before Texas implemented its abstinence based sex education curriculum, Texas had the 11th highest rate of teen pregnancies in the nation. After twenty years of pretending like our youth are not having sex because we told them not to, we now constantly rank in the top five states for highest rate of teen pregnancies.

Find out what is being taught in sex education courses around Texas. Here's a hint: lies, shame, guilt and religious propaganda.

Advocates for abstinence-until-marriage sex education often make the claim that abstinence is the only 100% effective means of avoiding teen pregnancy and STD infection. But is this true?

It is highly probably that the introduction of comprehensive sex education courses into Texas public schools will increase the use of contraception among sexually active teens, reducing the number of unwanted teen pregnancies and, thereby, bringing about a lower occurrence of abortions.

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