In the October 2014 UT/Texas Tribune poll, 67% of Texans with an opinion on the issue believe the LGBTQ community should not be denied the right to either marry or form civil unions. In a Texas Tech poll a plurality of Texans expressed support for same-sex marriage rights. The 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution and Section 3 of the Texas Constitution’s Bill of Rights both guarantee that all citizens are equal under the law, with no special privilege given to any citizen, or group of citizens, over others. Since the state of Texas is involved in the legal institution of marriage, it must guarantee equal access to the protections of marriage to all citizens. In addition, by enforcing the religious beliefs of Texans that oppose gay marriage through law, the state gives special privilege to certain religious groups and denies equal treatment to, not just LGBTQ Texans, but also Texans of faith who support the marriage of same-sex couples within their religion. Another option available, if Texas is not able to provide equal rights under the law to all Texans, is for Texas to remove the legal institution of marriage from our laws.

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