Studies from around the United States have shown that the vast majority of schools that receive public funds through voucher programs are religious schools that provide a religious education. During public testimony of the Senate Education Committee hearing on vouchers during the 83rd Legislature, almost all Texans speaking in favor of voucher programs stated that they support vouchers specifically because it will enable them to give their children a religious education, with the Texas taxpayers footing the bill. A religious education is a ministry used to instill the tenets of faith upon students. The Bill of Rights of the Texas Constitution, Section 6, guarantees that no citizen of Texas can be forced to finance the ministry of any religious denomination. In addition, voucher bills consistently offer no guarantees on the quality of education to be provided at public expense. Many religious school receiving voucher subsidies around the United States publicly claim to teach unscientific concepts, such as Biblical creationism, in science classrooms.

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