During a legislative session, especially when a bill is set to be voted on, the best way to contact your Legislator quickly is to call their office. The key to calling your Legislator to express your opinion on an issue or bill is to be clear about why you are calling and to be clear about your stance. If you are calling regarding a bill, especially if the bill is up for vote, make sure you know the correct bill number, the author of the bill and to what committee the bill was assigned.

  1. Find out Who Represents You: The best resource for learning about your Legislators is probably the Texas Tribune, which keeps a database of all Legislators along with news related to them. Visit the Texas Tribune Directory to find your Legislator. Type in your zip code at the top. From there you will be taken to a State of Texas page displaying all of your representatives. Look for Texas State Representative and Texas State Senator. Once you have this information, you can return to the Texas Tribune Directory where you can find, among many other things, the home office locations of your Legislators.
  2. Contact Information: Your Legislator's office phone number will be in the right-side column of their Texas Tribune Directory listing. This column also includes their email address, Capitol office address and other contact information, as available.
  3. Be Concise: When you call, tell the person answering the phone the topic you are calling about. At this point they might pass you on to another assistant, or they may take your statement themselves. If you are calling about a bill, give the bill number, author and committee. If you want to express an opinion on a bill, make sure you know what the bill says and if you are in favor of the bill or against the bill.

Good luck with your phone call! Let us know if you call your Legislator, what you talked about and how the call went!

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