If you are interested in getting involved in the Secular political movement and want to target your activism at the local level, we encourage you to start a local action group. Group action at the local level, such as reaching out to your city council, school board, and local representatives, can be incredibly powerful agents of change. Local governments are the most easily accessible level of government, and the ones that make the decisions that affect us the most on a daily level.

Though you may think you are the only secularist in your community, the little research Secular Texas has done into this area shows secularists in almost communities in Texas. The internet can be a powerful tool for organizing at the local level. Websites such as Facebook can be used to target people in your area with interest in Secular government and Meetup.com can be used to easily organize meetings and group information.

If you would like help starting a local action group, contact Secular Texas and we will help you target people in your area and get your group started.

Advocating for the concerns of Secular Texans

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