The secular community is currently vastly underrepresented in our state government, local governments, and school boards. Real political change is not made from the top down, but from the bottom up. The key to changing Texas is in having not only politically active citizens, but office holders as well. Running for a spot on the local school board, or even getting involved in your PTA, may seem trivial; but our local governments are the most accessible. They also make most of the decisions that affect us on a day-to-day basis. It is important that our local governments make decisions based on reason and evidence.

Not only are local offices beneficial for their own influence, but for the experience provided to the secular citizens who hold them. Once the Secular community becomes represented at the local level, we will also have the added bonus of having secular citizens with political experience that can run for state level and even state wide offices.

The details of running for local office is different in each community. The most important step is to get involved locally and to become familiar with the local governmental process. Your city, county or school board's website will also have information on when elections are held. You can also find contact information here to call your governing body's office and find out information on how to file as a candidate.

If you are interested in running for local office, contact Secular Texas and we will help you learn the requirements of your local governing body to the best of our ability.

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