Writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper or other publication is a decent venue to present the secular views on current topics of interest to a broader public. The secular viewpoint is currently so underrepresented in Texas that it has become easy to vilify and dehumanize. The more the general public is exposed to the secular view point and the more normalized this view point becomes, the easier it will be to influence our government.

The keys to writing a letter to the editor are to be timely and succinct. It is almost impossible to bring up a unique topic with a Letter to the Editor. Letters written concerning recent articles or topics discussed in the publication are the most likely to get published. Most publications have a word limit or 150 to 250 words, so make sure you check with the publication before sending in your letter. Fitting a complex argument within 150 words is extremely complicated to impossible. However, if you can develop a relationship with the opinion editor at your local newspaper, especially in small communities, you might eventually be able to work successful letter writing into a full fledged opinion article.

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