Church / State Entanglement

Bill Number: HB 1355
Bill Description: Relating to the consequences for an elected officer who threatens, punishes, or intimidates a person based on the person's religious beliefs; creating a criminal offense.
Author: Shaheen (R-Plano)
Stance: Against, unless amended
Related Bills: None
Committee: Not yet assigned

Bill Number: HB 315
Bill Description: Relating to the issuance of "In God We Trust" specialty license plates.
Author: Raymond (D-Laredo)
Stance: Against
Related Bills: None
Committee: N/A

Bill Number: HB 547
Bill Description: Relating to the creation and dissolution of a covenant marriage.
Author: White (R-Tyler)
Stance: Against
Related Bills: None
Committee: Juvenile Justice & Family Issues

Bill Number: HCR 30
Bill Description: Supporting prayers, including the use of the word "God," at public gatherings, and displays of the Ten Commandments in public educational institutions and other government buildings.
Author: Stephenson (R-Wharton)
Stance: Against
Related Bills: None
Committee: None

Bill Number: HJR 65
Bill Description: Proposing a constitutional amendment relating to the prohibition of government interference with certain speech by religious leaders and students.
Author: Riddle (R-Tomball)
Stance: Against
Related Bills: None
Committee: None

HR 26: Resolution to commemorate National Day of Prayer 2015
HR 27: Resolution to commemorate Easter 2015
HR 40: Resolution to commemorate National Day of Prayer 2016

Bill Number: SB 441
Bill Description: Relating to the sale of motor vehicles on consecutive Saturdays and Sundays.
Author: Burton (R-Colleyville)
Stance: Support
Related Bills: None
Committee: Transportation

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