Religion and personal beliefs play a large role in shaping legislation in Texas. However, according to a UT/Texas Tribune 2012 survey, twenty-one percent of Texans now consider themselves non-religious, up from twelve percent just five years ago. And according to the non-partisan Pew Research Center, thirty-three percent of Texans say religion is unimportant. With so many elected officials in Texas publicly endorsing their particular faith as a way to govern, secularists remain outside of the state’s legislative process.

Statement of Purpose
Secular Texas seeks to end state endorsement and legal enforcement of personal religious conviction, and promote a rational state government.

Secular Texas will address any attempt to use government resources or power to endorse religion, provide privilege to religious institutions or enforce religious conviction through law, focusing on State and Local governments in Texas.


  • To oppose and amend legislation that enforces religious belief and conviction through government endorsement and law.
  • To propose legislation that reduces and eliminates religious influence on the Texas government and strengthens rational and evidence based governance.
  • Influence the outcomes of the State Board of Education.

Arenas of Focus

  • State Legislature Committees, while in session.
  • Texas State Board of Education.
  • Local governing bodies, as the need arises.
  • Higher Education

Advocating for the concerns of Secular Texans

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