By Rachel Harger
April 16, 2013

Austin, Tx - The Secular Legislative Action Committee (SLAC) will hold a rally and press conference to promote a more rational approach to state government on Monday, April 22nd at 12:30 pm in front of the Ten Commandments monument at the Texas Sate Capitol. SLAC is an ad hoc group of Texas citizens that advocates for the separation of church and state, and for public policy based on evidence and scientific knowledge.

Religion and personal beliefs play a large role in shaping legislation in Texas. However, according to a UT/Texas Tribune 2012 survey, twenty-one percent of Texans now consider themselves non-religious, up from twelve percent just five years ago. And according to the non-partisan Pew Research Center, thirty-three percent of Texans say religion is unimportant. With so many elected officials in Texas publicly endorsing their particular faith as a way to govern, secularists remain outside of the state’s legislative process. The Secular Legislative Action Committee is a citizens group organized to provide a voice for this fast growing segment of the population.

The 83rd Texas Legislature is considering an array of proposed bills that would both increase religious intrusion into some areas of the law, and decrease it in other areas. SLAC is mostly concerned with religious influence over public education, health care, reproductive choice, and equal rights for the LGBT community. It supports legislation that would increase oversight and reform the Texas State Board of Education (HB 2014 and SB 197). It also opposes all attempts to publicly fund private education through vouchers or scholarship programs, and the attempt to legitimize academic fraud by HB 285.

SLAC opposes the bills supported by Governor Perry that would make abortion illegal after twenty weeks (HB 2364 and SB 25), as well as an abortion facility regulation bill that would shut down all but six abortion clinics in Texas (SB 527). SLAC encourages the passage of HB 1300 which would legalize same sex marriage, and opposes HB1568 which would remove state funding for school districts that provide health insurance to same sex couples.

At the Rational Government Rally, SLAC will speak about the effectiveness of civic action, and the problems created when the Jeffersonian ideal of church and state separation is not upheld. SLAC asserts that public policy based upon personal religious belief leads to unsound and wasteful legislation that negatively impacts the Texas economy and its citizens. SLAC intends to take this message directly to the Texas Legislature with personal visits to specific committees.


The Secular Legislative Action Committee is an Austin based, ad hoc group of citizens that was established on January 19, 2013. We support the Jeffersonian ideal that church and state remain separate as well as the Lone Star State`s long-standing belief in personal liberty and individuality. SLAC holds that public policy based upon personal religious conviction leads to unsound, wasteful legislation that negatively impacts our state economy. For more information, please visit

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